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TLWI Python #34

  • python announcements

21 May 2022

Python 3.9.13 is now available • Web Scraping with Python: Everything you need to know to get started (2022) • I was tired of making banners for my blogs, so I automated it • How do I start a Data Science Career? • Code Smell 132 - Exception Try Too Broad

6 min read

TLWI Python #33

14 May 2022

'Developers do nothing good after 45 hours of work.' Fun conversation with head developer of Netflix on the dumbest things engineering orgs do to kill productivity - they really take a crap on retros. • I used a new dataframe library (polars) to wrangle 300M prices and discover some of the most expensive hospitals in America. Code/notebook in article • Pitch me on Python • A Todo App With PyScript • Commenting: where?

6 min read

TLWI Python #32

07 May 2022

300+ Free Programming Books (Open Source, 20+ Languages Covered, Listed According To The Publishing Year/ Last Updated Date, In A Decreasing Order) • A Bunch of Linux Commands • Small tip to shrink your Docker images size • 10 Exciting Beginner Machine Learning Projects of 2022 • Building a contact application with Django and Appsmith

6 min read

TLWI Python #31

30 April 2022

I have written a blog building Neural Network from scratch with Python and trained it on image data. • 10% of the 666 most popular Python GitHub repos have f-string bugs (so 68 pull requests were made in 24 hours to fix them all) • I made a twitter bot to take beautiful screenshots of a tweet • How I automatically generate grocery shopping lists with Trello & AWS Lambda • Python 101: Introduction to Python Language for Beginners

7 min read

TLWI Python #30

23 April 2022

78 Python data science practice problems in a single github repo including numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scipy, regex, pytorch • Bloomberg just Open sourced Memray a memory profiler for Python • The Best VS Code Extensions For Python Developers In 2022. • Textual: The Definitive Guide - Part 3. • Goodbye, Google Analytics - Why and How You Should Leave The Platform

8 min read

TLWI Python #29

16 April 2022

PyCharm 2022.1 released • Textual: The Definitive Guide - Part 1. • Textual: The Definitive Guide - Part 2. • Level Up Your Wordle Game With Deepgram ASR. • Introducing 🕷 Spitey-Sense: Simulate conversations with Spider-Man using 🪄 GPT-3 and Deepgram ☘️

8 min read

TLWI Python #28

  • python announcements

09 April 2022

The last Python 3.11 alpha (3.11.0a7) is available • Python f-strings Are More Powerful Than You Might Think • 10 must-know patterns for writing clean code with Python🐍 • Create automatic blog posts from videos • 🎨 Image processing as a service 🐍

6 min read

TLWI Python #27

02 April 2022

The counter-intuitive rise of Python in scientific computing • My first Web3 page with IPFS • Speech Recognition to Monitor Script Compliance in Python • What to Expect from Python 3.11? • The Great Migration: Upgrading CDK v1 to v2

6 min read

TLWI Python #26

  • python announcements

26 March 2022

Python 3.10.4 and 3.9.12 are now available out of schedule • Meta donates $300,000 to the Python Software Foundation • Meta deepens its investment in the Python ecosystem • Extracting company names from news using AWS Comprehend • #FOSS in Python: Using The OpenBB Terminal To Identify Secular Investment Opportunitites

6 min read

TLWI Python #25

  • python announcements

19 March 2022

Python 3.10.3, 3.9.11, 3.8.13, and 3.7.13 are now available with security content • macOS 12.3 finally deletes its own Python 2, which even die-hard Python fans applaud • Python removes ‘dead batteries’ from standard library [PEP 594] • Ultimate CI Pipeline for All of Your Python Projects • Write clean, reusable, and modular code

6 min read

TLWI Python #24

  • python announcements

12 March 2022

Python 3.11.0a6 is available • Family of key Python contributor Storchaka has left Ukraine safely with community help • A Gentle Introduction to Testing with pytest • Which Web Development Stacks to Use in 2022 - Guide for Business Owners • Introduction to APIs with repositories to get you started

8 min read

TLWI Python #23

05 March 2022

Complete Guide on Python Decorators • Mastering Python the Right Way • Python for Everyone: Mastering Python the right way • Optimizing Memory Usage of Python Applications • Web Scrapping With Python.

6 min read